4 ways to help your team beat the winter blues

Happy teammate

The wellbeing of your team can become suppressed over the course of the winter months. With short days, dark mornings and little sunlight, your team's overall health and immune system can struggle. People will try their best to stay away from things like biscuits and fizzy drinks, but as the New Years resolutions start to fade, temptation rears its ugly head, making it difficult to resist those unhealthy habits. Particularly here in London where there are sweet treats everywhere! 

Luckily there are 4 very simple ways to give everyone in your office that mood boost that will help them back on track this winter time


1.Setup a weekly meditation session for your team

Meditation 🙏 has hit the mainstream these days, with apps like Headspace, Calm or Just Breathe. Studies show that it can reduce anxiety and help people be more productive at work, however people often find it challenging to build the habit of meditation when they are trying it by themselves. That's where you can come in! By booking a meeting room and setting aside some time once or twice a week, you can play a guided meditation and help people get some peace and quiet back in their lives. 

Not everyone buys into the science of practising mindfulness but for those that do, it'll leave your colleagues feeling fresh and calm and ready for an afternoon at work. 

2. Get spontaneous and have a surprise social

Have a spontaneous team social! A surprise monthly cake party with the Cakedrop subscription on Fruitbat or a wellness Wednesday smoothie social with fruit from any of our suppliers on Fruitbat are great ways to show your team that your company cares. We deliver in the day time. Having it then can be a good way to signal that your company is inclusive and not all about having socials after work. You also show your team that your company doesn't just want to create an environment where people are expected to grind away at work. Cake or smoothies aren't for every day but once in a while they can be a nice perk. Everything in moderation 😉

3. Start sharing gratitude 🎉

Share it on Slack by starting a #gratitude slack channel, via email to individuals who are particularly down or even post-it notes in your common area. By kick-starting a gratitude practice in your office you'll leave your team feeling uplifted and energised to be more active in your workplace culture, ready to help one another. According to occupational psychologist Adam Grant:

"Would you have guessed that just the words ‘thank you’ would be enough to not only lead to a 50% increase that they’re willing to help you again but also then make them more likely to help somebody else who reaches out?”

To learn more listen to him talk to Jocelyn Glei on the Hurry Slowly podcast

 4. Go for a walking 1 on 1

Encouraging your team to catch up with each other by going for a 30-minute walking meeting. It can be a great way to clear the air, for them to learn something new about what they are working on, or if you are in a small office, for them to get some privacy away from the wider team🚶‍♂️.

According to the team at Dummies, "Exercise, such as walking, can play a major role in your overall mood as it helps to boost endorphins or “feel‐good” chemicals in the brain." By promoting this sort of activity on a regular basis you can keep your team moving and stop them from suffering from some of the negative impacts that come with working at a desk all day. 


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